July 25, 2022

18.00 at Estonian University of Life Sciences 

A welcome reception will be held right after the congress opening and a keynote session at the venue. Before the welcome reception, there will be excursions on the campus of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. We really recommend taking part in this excursion to discover the places where the tracks will be held during the congress. 

At the Welcome Reception, snacks and beverages are served. It is free of charge for the participants. There will also be a surprise!



July 27, 2022

20.00-00.00 at Science centre AHHAA

The gala dinner takes us to the heart of Tartu. Next to the Emajõgi (in English Mother River), there is a science centre called AHHAA. The AHHAA science centre is the most entertaining science centre in Baltics! For one summer night, it will become a wonderful place to relax with your colleagues and friends. There are also hands-on attractions to try out as well as nooks and crannies where you can have a chat. Join us to enjoy a 3-course dinner together with live music. Gala dinner tickets can be bought along with the registration. 



July 28, 2022

18.00 - 20.00

The mobile workshops are free of charge for registered delegates. Workshop participation can be registered through the registration form. The groups are limited in size and are available on the first-come, first-served principle. The list of the mobile workshop can be found HERE.



July 29-30, 2022

Buses leave right after the closing ceremony at Estonian University of Life Sciences 

Option 1: Ida-Viru County
The fee includes one night's accommodation and meals.

Jõhvi riigigümnaasium | AS Kunda Nordic Tsement in Estonia
We are going to visit the Aidu industrial region which is trying to rebrand itself as a tourist destination and build a waterpark. 

Visiting Jõhvi State Gymnasium (in the picture). After an education reform, state gymnasiums are being built all over Estonia. They aim to take into account modern architecture and solutions.

A city tour in Narva, a city rich in history featuring a medieval castle bordering Russia. The city faces a decreasing population that has an amazing promenade along the river.

Toila park and harbour - landscape architecture in the park and how a harbour can be developed on the northern coast. The small town has around 800 inhabitants and is mostly known and visited for its spa.

The tour ends in Tallinn on July 30.

Option 2: Reconditioned central squares of small towns in South-Estonia.
The fee includes one night's accommodation and meals.

The tour will visit up till five examples of central squares planned, designed and built during the mission project “Great public space”. The project was jointly kicked-off in 2014 by the Association of Estonian Architects and the organising team of “The Republic of Estonia 100” to recondition the town centres of 15 small towns in Estonia. Võru is shown in the picture.

The aim of the initiators of the project was “to see the reconditioning of city centres as a good opportunity to bring people together, increase their sense of community and make the living environment of small towns more attractive. Reconditioned centres will be turned into places for organising cultural events and spending leisure time and will give priority in traffic to pedestrians. By making the hearts of the cities a more philanthropic and pleasing living environment, it will be possible to enhance entrepreneurship and avoid dilution of cities.” 

We will hear the overviews of the design and planning ideas behind the winning competition entries. We will take guided walks on the town centres to see each of the squares with different stories of reconditioning and hear explanations about ongoing changes since the squares were open for general public. We will learn more about the plans for the development of town centres. 

Small towns the tour will visit are: Elva, Tõrva, Valga & Valka (border towns), Võru and Põlva. 

The tour ends in Tartu on July 30. 

The post-congerss tour exact programmes may be subject to change. Registrants will be notified of the changes before the tours.