The Best Congress Paper Award submission has ended.
However, you can submit your paper for the congress proceedings below. 
The word limit is 4,000 words (+references).
Full papers will be published in an online book of proceedings that will have an ISBN. The submission deadline is July 1!
You can also directly submit your full paper for publication in AESOP's journal "Transactions". More information here.

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Best Congress Paper Award submission has ended! 

We thank everyone who submitted their full paper for the competition.

The winner will be announced during the Congress.



The procedure for competing for the Best Congress Paper Award 

1. Indicate that you would like to be considered in the abstract submission form by ticking the relevant box at the end. It is necessary to make a submission by January 17, 2022, even if the abstract submission deadline is extended.

2. The track co-chair will make the initial evaluation. For this, please submit your full paper via the form below. The deadline to submit the full paper will be May 31, 2022!

3. The Best Congress Paper Committee will review the full papers and will make their decision.

4. The recipient of the award will be announced during Congress.

5. If you wish to submit the paper to both the award and later to the journal "Transactions", you might follow the journal's guidelines or both. They are available here.



  • Relevance to current debates on the chosen topic 
  • Clarity of argument(s) and theoretical framework 
  • The originality of the approach and the ideas presented 
  • High methodological and empirical quality of research 
  • Clarity of expression and quality of presentation 
  • Timely submission
  • Adherence to the page limit defined by the Congress organisers